Labour and Birth

Actively present at the birth
Care includes support and monitoring throughout the entire labour process.
A variety of positions can be used to ensure comfort. Non Medicated methods of pain relief and various techniques are used to minimise medical intervention. Specialises in both water and out of water births
Births can never be planned but preferences and wishes can be met to ensure that your birth is comfortable and unique.
If you have any requests, preferences or religious aspects that are to be followed, this can be drafted & discussed.
I allow free active movement during labour and birth, whilst monitoring you and your baby’s wellbeing throughout the labour. I recommend a doula for all first time mums and VBACs as this is proven in reducing unnecessary intervention and the caeserian section rate. Expectant mums can choose a water or bed birth, whilst enjoying comforting massages throughout.

For that warm, individualised personal approach...

I consult at two different facilities. In Saxonwold and Linden. Both consulting rooms provide for a very comfortable and personal interaction. Consultations on Monday afternoons are at The BioArt Fertility clinic. (The Linden address will be confirmed on booking the appointment).

Request a Consultation

Please fill in the fields to schedule an appointment with Sr Ruwaida Moola. Please allow for 24 to 48 hours for a confirmation or a proposed date and time. Thank you.