Post-Natal Care

Follow- Up Care to Mum.
Support is provided throughout the 6 week period and beyond. Postnatal care, breastfeeding support and assistance are always available. Assistance with neonatal jaundice and provision of home phototherapy care. Papsmears at 6 weeks
Skin to skin contact is a standard practice to ensure gentle transitioning of the baby. breastfeeding assistance is provided in the golden hour after birth and continues throughout. Daily postnatal visits are done before discharge from the Hospital. All mums are requested to schedule a follow-up assessment 3 days after the birth to exclude Neonatal Jaundice, to assess breastfeeding, and to ensure mum and baby’s wellbeing. I have an open door policy, where mums are welcome any time after birth, to come in and talk, debrief or to have their babies weighed.

We know how to make your pregnancy flow like an easy stroll!

I consult at two different facilities. In Saxonwold and Linden. Both consulting rooms provide for a very comfortable and personal interaction. Consultations on Monday afternoons are at The BioArt Fertility clinic. (The Linden address will be confirmed on booking the appointment).

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