Holding your hand all the way along your journey.

Every pregnancy has its hurdles, chores, and worries. I am determined to guide you in all of that, along the way helping you as a couple with a variety of issues. The following is a list of services and care which I provide…

Antenatal Care and Consultations

Support during Pregnancy. Face to face personalised scheduled time is provided with the parents-to-be to talk about concerns and needs. Full antenatal consultations and support

Labour and Birth

Actively present at the birth Care includes support and monitoring throughout the entire labour process. A variety of positions can be used to ensure comfort.

Post-Natal Care

Follow- Up Care to Mum. Support is provided throughout the 6 week period and beyond. Postnatal care, breastfeeding support and assistance are always available. Assistance

Happy Patients

What people say about us. Here are comments from parents who have visited Miracle Births.

My birthing dream team Sr. Ruwaida Moola and Sadia Sayed who had made my birthing experiences so remarkably memorable that i wouldn’t mind doing it over and over again haha. U helped me through the pain, the excitement, the fear, the anxiety and every other emotion. I knew in your arms I was safe, my baby was safe and me bringing life into this world would be something to cherish forever. The care and affection from Sadia and yourself exceeded all our expectations. You were there every step of the way. To have these two beautiful humans at your side during the most important time of your life will definitely be most beneficial!!!!! Happy mum 1 The Birthing Dream Team

I have had the opportunity to birth 3 wonderful babies with the assistance of Ruwaida by my side. Her gentleness and overall calmness helped me throughout my pregnancy and during the birth. I could not have coped with an unmedicated birth without her by my side. She is truly a miracle midwife! Another Happy Mummy Blessing No. 3

We could really rely on Ruwaida and Sadiyah because they are so amazing at what they do. We could honestly take a step back to just enjoy the experience and remember it. The holistic care and love that we received at every appointment and birth is something that every couple should experience when bringing their child into the world. They created the safe and loving space for us to have a magical experience, pregnancy, birth and postpartum is a roller coaster ride. Every mother-to-be deserves to have this “DREAM BIRTH TEAM” by their side through this wild adventure. Happy Mum 2 A beautiful experience

Full story on Google review. From the first day we met, we connected and since then I’ve had two babies with the help of this amazing woman, who became a friend and cared for me like a sister.Ruwaida helps you throughout your pregnancy and even through the birth. She guides you and tries her best to make the journey an enjoyable experience. She’s whatever you need her to be, she’s there motivating you, because believe you me you can doubt yourself and she reminds you just how strong you are and that you can do it! She helps with pain management and to tell you the truth I needed her there by my side from start to finish…. and so did my husband sssshhh lol. Ruwaida tries to fulfill your birth plan/dreams and listens to what you want. Best midwife ever , even the Gynecologist says she’s one of the best if not the best ! Loving heart and soul ! Love her to loads and so thankful for the experience, care and love! Mummy 5 A wonderful experience

I enjoyed my pregnancy and delivery journey with Ruwaida as my midwife. It was more personal, nothing was rushed, She’s invested in her patients and partners. What stood out most to me was that I had an emergency c-section (my plan was always to deliver naturally).The theater room is clinical and can be scary, especially if one’s not mentally prepared. During the operation I felt faint as my blood pressure dropped, which made me feel anxious. Ruwaida reassured me everything was okay, and put her hand on my cheek. I know it might sound small, but it meant so much to me to have a warm touch and reassuring voice throughout the procedure, in a cold clinical environment. She checked-in on me daily after the operation and walked me through my 6 week healing process. In short, we loved our experience. Happy Mum 3 A pleasant experience

Request a Consultation

Please fill in the fields to schedule an appointment with Sr Ruwaida Moola. Please allow for 24 to 48 hours for a confirmation or a proposed date and time. Thank you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the difference between a Midwife & OBGYN?

Midwifery led care: ●  is for low risk births only, and differ from that of the OBGYN in terms of detailed ●  ultrasound monitoring that is available from your OBGYN and sonographer only ●  Scans may be done at my practice however this is midwifery scans and not diagnostic as above & charged for  separately. The scans done at your back up Gynae is there to detect fetal anomalies, and concerns.

Q: What does an appointment with me entail?

Vital data observations: blood pressure, urine tests, weight, medical assessment, midwifery scans, discussion of the birth, birth preferences, concerns, and birth preparation: Investigations/Blood tests: There are a few tests that are important during your antenatal period. 1. Antenatal Bloods- These are the pregnancy wellness bloods that will be require for overall care and monitoring, this includes blood group, Iron levels, Hepatitis, Rubella, HIV (counselling given) 2. First Trimester screen or Triple Test (optional)- These are blood tests that are done at 12 weeks or 16 weeks, respectively. 3. Group B strep- done vaginally at 37 weeks to assess for the virus Strep B. I do not do postnatal home visits, but require you to please see me 3 days after the birth. All postnatal visits in the rooms within the first 2 weeks after birth will be done at no costs. If you require home visits please discuss it with me.